Anton Philippe Interior Designers are corporate and commercial interior specialists. Our philosophy - we are more than Interior Designers. Our business is to expand your business through image and design and to create a smart environment with happy employees and this means increased productivity.

Our methods include:

At Anton Philippe Interior Designers we provide complete project care from concept through to completion, consisting of:

The environment we create will be consistent with the client's brief, and will be interpreted in our own unique way with design, colours and lighting, combining these elements with new technology to develop an intelligent workplace with a professional approach for all to admire.


The following key personnel are presented to work in our design team:

Both of the above are professionally qualified designers with many years of experience in interior design, management and project administration since 1985.

Additional members of our team:

Members of our team have jointly or individually been responsible for the design and management of the following projects:

Ministry of Education
WA Police Service
Prudential Insurance
Goldmines of Australia
Fleur Daniels
Deacon Graham & James
Bird Cameron
Bunbury Port Authority
Alpha West
Fuji Xerox

A more detailed list of some of our most recent projects can be found here.


These guidelines are followed by Anton Philippe Interior Designers to assure the proper and effective development of projects:

We are mindful of the programs set down by Quality Assurance ISO 9000 and apply these principles in overseeing projects from conception through to completion and beyond, to maintain control and management of our works.

Our technological capabilities include:


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